We continue to offer the highest quality of cleaners for metalworking and metal finishing operations. We also understand that an integral component of the manufacturing process includes effectively removing all processing lubricants and coolants as well as soils. If the appropriate cleaner is not integrated into a company’s operation, production could be interrupted, resulting in a company not reaching its desired goals. It is for this reason that it has become crucial to incorporate an efficient cleaner for systems of operation. Whether it is a processing coolant or lubricant from a newly manufactured component or grease dirt and soil from a part being re-manufactured, we have a cleaner that will meet your objectives.

We will work one-on-one with you to determine which cleaning compounds are fit for your industrial cleaning applications. From general purpose cleaners to unique precision applications, we can recommend and develop an affordable and reliable product that will contribute to increasing the efficiency of your company’s operations. Our line of cleaners may be used for floor cleaning and general applications, rust removal, paint stripping, pre-plating. No matter what the cleaning requirement is, we can select the best cleaner ensuring that they adhere to your company’s standards and surpass your expectations. Please read on to learn more about our popular category cleaners.

                                                                       Types of Cleaners Offered

  • Alkaline Cleaners are most commonly used cleaner in metalworking operations, because they are economical, have excellent detergency, and are easy to use. They are primarily used for removing organic soils, such as fats, grease, and oils.
  • Acid Cleaners are primarily used to remove corrosion products and oxide films, such as rust and tarnish.
  • Solvent Cleaners are often used for dissolving organic soils.
  • Emulsion Cleaners flush away soils and oils from processed parts and provide a barrier film with excellent rust protection.

                   We offer high Quality Products and Cleaners at Reasonable Prices

We are not limited to offering cleaners. Instead, as an integrated supplier, our services include offering metal forming lubricants to stamp or form a part, mass finishing compounds for deburring and finishing machining and grinding coolants and rust preventatives to protect them. Whatever your requirements may be, we will work together to meet the precise needs of your company. By utilizing the finest raw materials available and by evaluating your industrial needs, we can determine which custom-designed products are best fit for your company. We have also been committed to assuring the successful implementation of our products and services into our customers’ facilities. We aim to provide our customers with top-notch products that will improve or enhance the performance of their production. When you incorporate our Services you are guaranteed to receive superior customer service. Contact us today for more information.