Custom Developed Products and Services Offered

By utilizing  advanced laboratory equipment coupled with a century of field data, we can develop a product to meet your precise needs.  Several key factors contribute to producing and manufacturing successful and reliable products that make certain a company's production process is not interrupted. 

                              Lab Services are Customized to Meet the Needs of our Valued Customers

Before recommending products to our customers,  especially designed tests are run to evaluate each product. Some of the laboratory tests offered are:

  • Formability Tests are commonly used for testing friction and wear. Some formability tests include falex pin and vee block testing, limiting dome height, IRDI Twist Compression and Co-efficient of Friction.
  • Environmental Testing is used to review fats, oils, grease, and more. Also, included with environmental testing is biological oxygen demand testing (BOD) or microtox toxicity analysis tests.
  • Compatibility Tests include testing for humidity, salt spray, cast iron rust chips, zinc, copper, aluminum, and brass stains, weldability, and more.
  • Physical Property Testing contains a multitude of evaluations. Whether it is for foam evaluation, verifying coating weight, testing wettability, micro-biological activity, cleanability, coverage rate, chlorides, fluorides and more.
  • Standard QC Tests check the following items: total alkalinity and acidity, solids content, pH level, weight per gallon, flash point (if applicable), and evaluate emulsions or solutions.

It is through  intense and extensive testing services that we are able to identify early on what adjustments are needed to develop and recommend a product that is ideal for your company. We continually interact with our customers to verify that production is moving as expected with the help of our products, and to see how we can help you reach new levels of success in the future. 

Our specialty is evaluating your goals, your operations, and your vision of the future in order to determine and identify which product is best for you. Contact us for more information