Lab Services

We value our customer’s time and resources. It is for this reason that extensive testing on our products is done utilizing the latest technology. This rigorous process helps insure that our products will perform when introduced to the marketplace. Listed below is a sampling of the tests conducts on our products.

Formability Tests
Falex Pin & Vee Block Testing
Limiting Dome Height

Environmental Testing
Fats, Oil and Grease Test
Biological Oxygen Demand Testing (BOD)
Microtox Toxicity Analysis Test 

Physical Property Testing
Cannon-Fenske Viscosity
Brookfield Viscosity
Foam Evaluation
Coating Weight
Micro-Biological Activity
Coverage Rate
Fats, Oil and Grease Test

Standard QC Tests
Total Alkalinity
Total Acidity
Solids Content
Weight per Gallon 
Flash Point (If Applicable)
Emulsion/Solution Evaluation

Compatibility Tests
ASTM-D-1748 Humidity Testing
Salt Spray testing
Cast Iron Rust Chip Test
Zinc Stain Test
Copper Stain Test
Aluminum Stain Test  
Brass Stain Test