Machining and Grinding Coolants

We understand the importance of maintaining optimum tool life, providing fine finishes and improving quality. As a result, it is imperative that the correct machining and grinding coolants are used. Only by using the highest quality raw materials and by evaluating your company’s objectives, we determine what custom-designed fluids are best for you.

Synthetic Coolants are the focus of our research and development.  Today’s line of products encompass the most advanced additive technology that provides you, the customer, with a coolant designed to provide maximum sump life, excellent finishes while being environmentally friendly. Without the use of mineral oil, our products are price stable in a market that is in a tepid state. Utilizing advanced additive packages, our coolants quickly flush away metal fines which minimize scratching on the work piece while maximizing tool life.  In addition, our synthetic coolants offer the following advantages:


  • Fluid Film is Non-Sticky on Tools and Machines
  • Forms Low Foaming, Highly Detergent Transparent Solutions
  • Rejects Tramp Oil and Settles Fines
  • Solutions Remain Fresh and Clean for Extended Sump Life
  • Contains NO Nitrites, Sulfur, Chlorine or Other Halogens, Phenols,Heavy Metals, Silicones, Phosphates, or Other Objectionable Materials
  • Effectively Inhibits Rust
  • Formaldehyde-free to Comply with Health and Safety Regulations
  • Reduces Build-up of Cast Iron Smut
  • Low Odor, Yielding High Operator Acceptance

We offer Many Metalworking Lubricants that are Operator and Machine Friendly, Such as:

Traditional soluble oil products are typically messy and often spoil. Now, with the use of biostable additives as opposed to overloading the formula with biocides, our product line lasts much longer than our competitors’ products. In addition, our products offer these additional advantages:

  • Soluble Oil Lubricants produce low foam and mist.
  • Coolant is optimized at point of operation through fine particle-size emulsion, which reduces carry off.
  • Offers longer operational life and consistent performance.
  • Highly effective extreme pressure (EP) additives control built-up edge (BUE).
  • Application range allows effective use on a variety of operations such as surface and centerless grinding, heavy-duty broaching, surface, pocket, and thread milling, gear hobbing, as well as standard machining operations.
  • Helps protect machine and tool surfaces from rusting while also preventing build up on ways, chucks, tool holders and fixtures.
  • Easy recycling or disposal with conventional techniques and equipment.
  • Do not require costly additives such as biocides or defoamers.


Straight Oil formulations are ideal for specific applications such as honing, gear hobbing and certain high-speed precision machining application. Having an in-depth understanding of the metalworking industry has helped us with the ability to provide oil based machining and grinding fluids to meet the demands of today’s advanced precision applications. To be competitive in a global market we must provide a lubricant that increases cut rates, settles fines, and maximizes tool life while remaining competitive; We have accomplished this. Please contact us so that we can provide our technology to you.

Finding the right metalworking fluid for your machining and grinding operation can be a difficult task, we provide a broad spectrum of application solutions to improve your industrial operations. Whether you require synthetic, soluble oil or straight oil based lubricant, our team of qualified and highly skilled chemists work together to meet the precise needs of your company. Safe and convenient, our metalworking fluids can be purchased in various quantities and sizes.

For further information on what machining and grinding coolants are right for you, contact us today.