Mass Finishing Compounds

Every manufacturing company expects a high level of performance from the process chemicals it uses, but it takes more than luck to find the optimum products. 
We have been committed to providing our customers with knowledgeable advice and the highest quality products.

                          Our Burnishing and Deburring Compounds are Used for Mass Finishing Operations.

Finding the correct product is the key to attaining your mass finishing objectives. We offer a variety of mass finishing compounds that provide deburring, cleaning, burnishing, and corrosion inhibiting functions, and more. Some classes of vibratory compounds we offer are:

Deburring Compounds that keep media and parts clean while protecting against rust and corrosion. Our deburring products are cost efficient and provide superior results.
  • Burnishing Compounds that develop color, luster, and brightness. They promote smooth finishes by lubricating, cushioning, and preventing metal-to-metal contact.

                              Meet Your Mass Finishing Needs with our Assistance

Backed by the most advanced technology, we can offer mass finishing compounds to satisfy your requirements. Our mass finishing compounds will help you meet the challenges of attaining the results you need and expect.

Why put up with mediocre performance? We can save you time and reduce your costs while improving parts quality the first time through.


We understand the importance of selecting the right finishing compounds for your process. Contact us for more information, if you are uncertain about which mass finishing compound to use.