Metalworking Lubricants

An expertly developed metalworking lubricant, is the only way to assure the best performance of any metalworking operation. As the demand for greater out-put in less time increases, so does the need for a superior metalworking lubricant.  We have the experience to evaluate your lubricant needs and then provide the product and customer service you deserve.

Different Applications…Different Metalworking Products
Choosing a lubricant  begins with an in-depth analysis of the application. We will evaluate your goals, the process, and how the operation will change in the future.  We offer the following products:

  • Synthetic Lubricants - Synthetic lubricants are gaining in popularity. They are non-petroleum, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and environmentally friendly.  Our advanced lubrication packages have replaced traditional lubricants, providing the end user with a cleaner, more economical lubricant.
  • Semi-synthetic Lubicants - With similar qualities to synthetic lubricants, semi-synthetic products, contain a high level of synthetic additives and contain between 5-35% mineral oil. These lubricants are typically for specialized and unique applications.
  • Soluble Oil Lubricants - Among the most commonly used lubricants, soluble oils are capable of performing a variety of metal forming applications. We place a strong emphasis on advanced technology for soluble oils. Utilizing bio-resistant additives coupled with a unique emulsion package, our soluble oils are cleaner, longer lasting and more efficient than a lot of what is currently offered in the market.
  • Straight Oil Lubricants - Also among the most frequently used lubricants, straight oil lubricants provide excellent rust protection as well as consistent lubrication for specialized applications. Often used as a low viscosity lubricant.
  • Dry Film Lubricants - Dry film lubricants are compounds that can be diluted with water and applied to metal blanks. These water-based lubricants can also be mixed into paste form for a thicker application.
  • Vanishing Oil Lubricants - Parts will dry residue free with these lubricants. May be used for lighter operations. Many of these lubricants have been developed to eliminate a post-washing process particularly in the automotive and medical industries.
Which Lubricant is Right for You?

A good lubricant will improve tool life, minimize additional processes, comply with environmental standards, and improve safety at the work site. However, knowing which lubricant to choose to maximize your metalworking operation can be a challenge. Different bending applications may benefit from a gel synthetic product or a deep-drawing application may benefit from a heavily chlorinated lubricant. For guidance, Please contact us or your local Distributor.